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MICE SOURCING - Just read more page as it is - Key Corporate Solutions & Partners (Co)



They will help you review your organization’s meetings-related activities, quantify the value of your meetings management program and develop a roadmap of actions to improve efficiency.


Together, trough our strategic patnership, we will deliver strong business expertise, to streamline your meeting cycle process end to end, and help you develop improved methods to better source your meeting programs components.


Time, sequence of events and extreme rigor in the contracting phase are key to the successful realization of your Smm & Mice needs.


Convergences exist with your Air & Hotel sourcing programs, and will help you improve supplier’s visibility and credibility in your negotiations.

Continuous monitoring, Sla’s, dedicated KPI’s , quality assessment and reporting are the path to a continuous improvement methodology, supported by effective communication with the meeting planners and change management.