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Independant Data Integration Data Warehousing and Management - Just read more page as it is - Key Corporate Solutions & Partners (Co)

Independant Data Integration
Data Warehousing and Management

You have data, but they are scattered all over your systems:


     Accounting and general ledger


     Travel Management Companies


     Card providers

     Travel & Purchasing platforms and portals

     Reporting and MIS from suppliers (they love it…)


Each of these sources provide you and your management with a certain vision of the past, at different times, with a different sequence…and different looks and presentation.


Data consolidations,SLA’s,KPI’s and dashboards are a traditional everyday nightmare for most travel manager and procurement officers. No “fingertips reporting” or seldom “drill down” applications available.


You are dealing with a variable perishable inventory, your data sources are not aligned in time, the data format not coherent, and the level of detail variable.


Although highly computerized, the Travel Industry 21st century challenge will be to deliver harmonized information to it’s Corporate customers.


But is it the different parties interest? or is it to keep you in the clouds…


4 main categories of solutions are today at your disposal:


1° End to end software providers (from booking to expense management) with a robust data repository and associated data base tools.


2° Travel Management Companies, having invested in advanced data repository and associated data base and reporting tools


3° Third party specialized data aggregators having developed advanced tools, and selling the services to industry suppliers, to you and/or the above two in value added reseller or white product.


Develop your own.




In addition to investing time and resources in providing you with a set of web based dedicated tools in this area, this being a strong investment and long lasting project, we will help you define your requirements, build with you the specification to tender and identify the best possible, efficient scalable and flexible information system.


Being pragmatic, we will capitalized and all your existing data sources, and build the model of the most essential information’s and reporting elements you require to effectively manage your spend at a reasonable cost versus benefits analysis.


Information is knowledge, and knowledge is essential to define objectives and obtain results.