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& Ground Transportation Sourcing

The Total Value Management Sourcing Cycle consists of 8 generic steps:

  1. Spend analysis
  2. Data collection
  3. e-RFx and supplier management
  4. Bid collection and negotiation
  5. Decision optimization
  6. Award and contract
  7. Post-bid management
  8. Continuous monitoring and improvement

With the overall implementation of flexible dynamic pricing in all travel categories, you need to permanently balance your approach between building strong supplier relationship and taking advantage of the spot market opportunities trough your OBT’s and TMC’s.



We have developed, with our partners, robust web tools to accompany you along the 8 steps described above, in a modular approach, allowing you to select some or all of the associated services.

Out tools are web based, supported by strong tri-dimensional data base management and data warehousing capabilities. The only limitation is the quality and sustainability of your data.


We will assist you in defining your strategy, asses the competitivety of your agreements and follow with you all the steps of your tendering, fair or natural market share analysis and commitments together with benefits calculations and arbitrations.


Controlling loaded fare and prices, after negotiations are vital activities, and time is of the essence to program your tools and inform your travelers and TMC partners of your concluded purchasing strategy.


As the market changes rapidly, quarterly supplier reviews with up to date data and dashboards will complete the pallet of our services to ensure your objectives are met.

The above is available to both annual negociations and continuous spot mice requirements.

Our aim is to achieve Total Value Management on theses complex families, we are not cost killers, but cost improvement enablers.