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Travel Supply Chain Components - Just read more page as it is - Key Corporate Solutions & Partners (Co)

Travel Supply Chain Components

Like any other spend category, travel and mice are organized around logical blocs interacting one with another.

It is either analogic (human driven) or digital (electronic) but never fully one or the other.


To make a comparison, organizing travel in a best practice mode is like listening to a Long Play Record on a modern high end Digital set, tree components are critical and require your full investment and attention


The needle, the loudspeakers…and your ears.


When we translate this in the travel words :


The policy, supplier relationship management…and data.


You need to organize in a rational way, processes, organization, resources along two flows,


The demand management on one side with the following components:


  1. Trip authorization process
  2. Trip shopping methods
  3. Policy and preferred supplier compliance and control
  4. Trip data
  5. Traveler experience


Emphasis being made on Traveler’s profile management, communication,  validation and ordering process simplification.


The supply chain management with the following components:


  1. Benchmarking and analysis tools
  2. Tendering and contracting tools
  3. Negotiation capabilities and skills
  4. KPI’s and data
  5. Contract management


Emphasis in this case on data format standardization, integration, warehousing using intensively the resources of automated expense tools and payment card, if not more sophisticated means for very large Customers.




The Grail being building completely closed loop between both logical chains with the right point of contacts and interfaces between them.

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